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EP Business Owner: Good Things Are Going to Happen 

Last Updated on February 7, 2024 at 12:30pm

Reflecting on the future of East Palestine, Ohio, business owner Tom Brittain is expressing optimism. “Good things are going to happen,” he said. “They are happening right now. This town has a chance to be better than it ever was.” 

From the very beginning of the situation, Norfolk Southern CEO Alan Shaw promised the railroad would make things right. His message was clear, and it has never wavered — to make it right and help East Palestine thrive. 

“Alan Shaw right there,” Brittain said, pointing to a chair that keeps with the retro vibes of his office. “He sat right there and said he was going to make right and help this town get back on its feet. I believed him then and I still believe him. Some people think that’s what he should do. The fact is he doesn’t have to do it, but he is.” 

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