Making it Right

We are committed to doing what’s right for East Palestine and the surrounding communities to ensure the area recovers and thrives.

Progress Updates: July 9, 2024

We will see this through

Our work isn’t finished.

Here for the long haul

We’re staying in East Palestine as long as it takes. As we move forward, we will continue to listen to the community, and we will continue our work to help the area recover and thrive.

News Updates

$600 Million East Palestine Derailment Settlement

If you lived, worked, owned property, or owned or operated a business within 20 miles of the East Palestine derailment, you could receive compensation from a $600 million class action Settlement.  You may be eligible for three types of compensation:  Direct Payments, Business Loss Payments, and/or Personal Injury Payments, as defined in the Settlement Agreement.

For more details, please see the Settlement Website, which has been authorized by the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio.  The Settlement Website includes instructions on how to submit a Claim Form by August 22, 2024, which may allow you to receive compensation under the Settlement if it is approved by the Court.

Community Support to date


We are committed to helping the community of East Palestine recover and thrive.



We’ve helped thousands of families at our assistance center.

Site Progress

The final truckload of impacted soil has been removed from the derailment zone and transported offsite, which will substantially reduce heavy truck traffic on East Taggart Street and throughout the village. The next phase of site remediation will include backfilling excavated areas and continued assessment of soil and creek sheens and sediments. All site work has been, and will continue to be, supervised and approved by the US and Ohio Environmental Protection Agencies and Unified Command.