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Norfolk Southern begins construction on East Palestine field office

Last Updated on December 18, 2023 at 3:14pm

Project Overview

Norfolk Southern has begun work on its new, permanent field office in East Palestine, Ohio.

The future office will be located at 248 North Market Street, the former Brittain Motors Chevrolet dealership which served the community for many years. Located at the corner of Market Street and East Clarke Street, the office will be near the new regional safety training center and across the street from the historic train depot Norfolk Southern is donating to the Village.

Field Office Functions:

  • First announced in August, the office will bolster Norfolk Southern functions in the region and create a central location to support residents on an ongoing basis, including housing the Family Assistance Center.
  • The office space will also feature a community meeting room to facilitate continuous dialogue with the Village for long-term support efforts.

Renovation details:

  • The over $1 million in building renovations to the field office will be completed by local contractor, J. Herbert. Youngstown, Ohio-based Strollo Architects developed the designs.
  • Plans include updating the brick façade to better match the aesthetic of the downtown district and reconfiguring the floor plan to accommodate the various functions of Norfolk Southern employees and community meetings.
  • Demolition of the interior space has begun. Work on the office is expected to be completed by late Q1 to early Q2.

Further Details on East Palestine Community Engagement:

To date, Norfolk Southern has committed $103 million to East Palestine and the surrounding communities, including:

  • $25 million for upgrades and renovations to East Palestine City Park
  • $1 million donation to the East Palestine School District for academics, interscholastic athletics, and long-term development
  • $1 million for community priorities as determined by an East Palestine-based Norfolk Southern Community Liaison, informed by residents and business leaders
  • $534,000 to fund a state-run Community Resiliency Center to address mental health issues
  • $300,000 to support the East Palestine Community Foundation

Through November, there have been more than 11,540 family visits to the Family Assistance Center (FAC). Norfolk Southern has provided more than $20.7 million in direct financial assistance to families. Learn more at: NSMakingitRight.com


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